Woman holding jaw with severe toothache

Emergency Services

Tooth ache, infection, trauma to teeth, broken teeth etc. need immediate attention. Our goal is to see emergencies on the same day or at your earliest.

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Comprehensive checkup with focus on preventive dentistry to prevent cavities and gum disease with minimally invasive dentistry.

Dental patient getting a teeth cleaning

Cleaning / Deep Cleaning

Everybody needs a regular cleaning once every 6 months. If you have deposits under the gums or in between teeth, this situation is bad and needs more targeted treatment to get rid of these flesh-eating bacteria that eat up your gums and bone around teeth causing bone loss. It is also closely associated with today’s killer diseases like heart attack, stroke, Diabetes and some pregnancy disorders.

Dentists giving male patient a dental exam

Tooth Colored Fillings

We do tooth colored fillings and porcelain bonding to avoid metal and mercury fillings.

Dentist consulting patient with toothache

Root Canal Treatment

When the tooth gets infected from a deep cavity or traumatic injury or a dead nerve in the tooth, Root canal treatment is done to remove the affected nerve and preserve the tooth.

Dentist giving female patient a dental exam


Broken down teeth or Weakened teeth with cracks and large old failing fillings or Rootcanals need to be protected with crowns to help increase the longevity of the tooth and avoid early extraction.

Dental patient with missing tooth

Fixed Bridge

When 1 or two teeth are missing, we can fabricate a fixed bridge which does not need to be removed daily for cleaning and can be brushed and flossed normally like natural teeth.

Dentist holding bottom dentures in hand

Dentures & Partials

These are false teeth that must be taken out every night and taken out to clean after each meal.

Woman putting clear teeth aligners in

Fastbraces & Clear Aligners

Crooked teeth need to be straightened out to help with better oral hygiene as crooked teeth prevent them from getting brushed and cleaned adequately. Straight teeth look a lot better giving a more attractive and confident smile.

Dentist and patient examining x-ray

Extractions of Hopeless Teeth & Wisdom Teeth

Teeth that are infected or that cannot be fixed have to the extracted. We do extractions using an atraumatic technique. The new standard is to get a bone graft placed after an extraction to prevent the Jawbone to shrink to have enough support for implants and prevents a sunken in facial appearance once the teeth are replaced.

Smiling male with straight white teeth

Veneers (Cosmetic Dentistry)

Veneers help us beautify the smile by changing the shape and color of your teeth and enhance the smile. They also help to strengthen weak thin teeth and weakened teeth from existing cracks.

Before and after teeth whitening treatment


We use various techniques of tooth whitening. It can be done as an in-office procedure or at home procedure with the provided material.

Dental patient getting fit for tooth implant


Teeth can be fixed to implants in the Jaw. This is the latest and best way to replace missing teeth provided there is adequate healthy bone in the Jaws to hold the implants.

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